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a Knight on a horse Welcome to my Strategy Retro Remake site. The Retro games scene has been around for years now, but I always thought that there weren't that many strategy game remakes. So here you will find my attempt to remake some of the old Strategy games I used to play back in the 80's (So far I have written remakes of: SorcererLord, Lords of Conquest and Kaiser).

What's Here?

An Elf holding a bow The website is divided into a number of sections that can be accessed through the navigation table on the left hand side of this site;

To find out what I currently working on (usually nothing ;-)), and what is new on the site, click on the What's New? link.

a Dwarf To go straight to the downloads, and the get the latest version of my games, click on the Downloads page.

To see some info my remakes, and see how they compare to the originals, click on the Games page.

The Tower of the ShadowLord To get in contact with me, to leave feedback about any of my games (report any bugs etc), click on the Contact Us link. I'd to hear any feedback just to show that someone has actually visited here and played one of the games.

Finally, to see a selection of my favourite (retro) links, click on the Links page.