Hi, welcome to my gallery! I have split up my paintings into a number of sections; Paintings for sale, Pet/Animal Portraits, Portraits, TV/Movie/Music related, Inktober 2020, Other Work, Custom Greeting Cards If you're interested in purchasing any of my work (some prices are now displayed when you click on a painting), or have any comments on the paintings etc, then please use my Contact Me page

Paintings for sale - each painting will have it's price listed when you click on it. Some are also available to buy on Etsy

Pet/Animal Portraits - I have done a number of pet/animal commissions. Here are a selection of my favourites.

Here's a selection of the portraits I have produced.

TV/Movie/Music/Video Game related

Inktober2020 - In October I took part in the Inktober challenge (where you draw a picture in ink everyday). I enjoyed this challenge, and it gave me the chance to be creative each day. Here's a selection of my favourites

Other work

Custom Greeting Cards

My Art Blog

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  Me with two of my paintings