Here are a number of galleries of my work. I'll be adding more paintings to the galleries as I produce more work. If you're interested in purchasing any of my work (prices now displayed when you click on a painting), or have any comments on the paintings etc, then please use my Contact Me page

My 1st gallery is all my acrylic work on canvas. All this work is from 2019-20. Some of my Acrylic work is available for sale on Etsy. I have also now listed individual prices once you click on each painting.

This gallery shows all my pen, drawing, and pen & watercolour work on paper. I would love to get into illustration work, and hopefully this gallery gives you a flavour of what I can do. All this work is from 2019-20.

This gallery shows the really large cardboard acrylic work I did for a local holiday club in Inverness (Summer 2019). The timescales for this were quite tight, and I had to complete 1 painting a week over a 6 week period to get them all finished in time. All the cardboard I used for the paintings were just used bike boxes from a local cycling shop.

The fourth gallery shows the work I did for a boardgame idea I had a few years ago. It is based on the Games Workshop Talisman board game. I amended it for the Lord of the Rings universe with new rules, cards and a completely new board design. The work was originally done on thick paper with gouache paint. I then scanned in all the paintings and worked on them digitally using a Wacom tablet to add some finishing touches.

The fifth gallery is the rest of my drawings etc that do not fall into any of the above categories. Most of these were done in 2019, apart from the digital Atari ST pictures which were done way back in 1991!

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  Me with two of my paintings