A collage of some of my paintings

Welcome to ScottMackayArt.co.uk

Hi, I'm Scott Mackay, an enthusiastic amateur artist / painter from Inverness, Scotland, UK. I love to sketch, draw and paint. I specialise in Acrylic on canvas, pen & ink on paper, and water colour washes.

Please have a look at my galleries if you're interested in my art. A number of my paintings are available to buy on Etsy, and my sketches/pen & ink work are examples of work more suited to book illustrations. I'm always on the look out for comissions, and I will consider any requests.

So if you're interested in buying any of my work, looking to commission some work, looking for a book illustrator, or just want to comment on my website or art, then please get in touch via my Contact Me page.

I've also got an Art Blog that I (infrequently) update with some art tips, or paintings I'm currently working on.

My Art Blog

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  Me with two of my paintings