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Info on my remake Games

Here you will find a bit of history on the original versions of the games I remade, some screen shots comparing the old and new versions, and a bit of info on the new versions. ** Still under Construction ** - Updated 25/12/2008 with some more info

  • » SorcererLord

    This is a 1 player fantasy turn based war game by PSS from 1987. It was released on the c64, Atari ST, Spectrum 48k, Amstrad CPC, Amiga & PC.

    You take control of the Galanor forces against the evil ShadowLords. The Aim of the game is to withstand the initial ShadowLord onslaught, and then defeat the ShadowLords by either destroying all their troops, or by capturing their citadel (You also have a limited number of turns to achieve this). You will lose the game if; Your Citadel in Yarthros is captured, Prince Yarthros is defeated, or you exceed the maximum number of turns.

    I loved this game back in the day as it had all my favourite game elements; it was a turn based strategy game, it let you control large armies, and it was fantasy based (very similar to the Lord of the Rings universe). Unfortunately, there were very few games around like this on the c64 (the version I originally owned), and so I played this to death at the time.

    The c64 was nearly impossible to complete due to a glaring bug that should have been spotted early in play testing. When you attack a ShadowLord unit, some of the time the game gets the losses wrong (this bug would get worse the more troops you had). This would mean that you couldn't defeat the unit, and so you couldn't complete the game! I then bought the Atari ST version, and the PC version - and both these versions of the game had the same bug!! I also downloaded the other versions of the game (Spectrum, Amstrad & Amiga), and all the other versions had the bug as well!!!

    Much to my disappointment there have been few games like this (before or after). The nearest game to this is probably "Fantasy General" for the PC by SSI from 1996. This game even shared the same baddie as SorcererLord - the ShadowLord. The nearest modern game series to SorcererLord is probably the Fire Emblem series (on the GBA, DS and gamecube).

    My remake of SorcererLord follows the original game very closely (in fact the original scenario plays out nearly exactly the same). However, I have added a few new features; a new 2nd scenario, a mini map, next unit feature, fog of war, mouse control, units now display a small icon when on a Fortress or a RuneRing, & the graphics have been given an overhaul (although you can choose to use the original graphics if you want).

    Boxshots and the Map from the original
    ** to do **

    Original Version Downloads (c64, PC & Amiga)
    c64 version
    PC version
    Amiga version

    Original Instructions in .pdf format

    Original Screenshots (c64 version)

    ScreenShots from my Remake

    To download my remake version, head over to my Downloads page.
  • » Lords of Conquest

    This is a game of strategy/war for 1 to 4 players. The game is a remake of the Electronic Arts game (Lords of Conquest) from 1987. The game was originally released on the c64, Atari ST, Amiga, & PC. The Aim of the game is to defeat the other players by either taking over all of their territories, or building the required amount of cities (and holding onto them till the end of the turn).
    ** more info to follow **
  • » Kaiser

    This is a little known game for the Commodore 64 called Kaiser by Dirk Beyelstein, and my remake of this game for the PC. Kaiser is a multi player strategy game where the aim of the game is to become the first person to obtain the title of "Kaiser". Kaiser was originally a German game (surprisingly enough) and was released in the UK by Ariolasoft in 1984. The spiel from the box reads: "Imagine yourself in the year 1700. You are the ruler of a small German Province. You manage crops and estates and you lay down all the economic and social laws. The more successful you are, the higher you climb in the hierarchy of the nobility, gradually becoming more and more powerful, in order to take control of the whole of Germany as the KAISER. Once you have attained the position, you will be proclaimed KAISER in a coronation ceremony.
    ** more info to follow **