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Retro Remakes Result :-(

Okay the results are out - I didn't do very well.

Lords of Conquest averaged over 50%, but poor SorcererLord came 2nd last :-(. Some of the judging was very unfair - with one judge giving it 0%. Also most of the judges didn't appear to read the readme / judges file, which gave information about what you are supposed to do. Rather than attack the enemy straight away, you are supposed to alert your other forces first - but most of the judges didn't do this and so got slaughtered. Anyway, some of the criticism was justified though - as the game doesn't redraw the screen when a lot of things are happening. I aim to get to the bottom of this bug and resolve it soon! I'll post an updated version when I've fixed this.

SorcererLord v1.1 released

I've updated my remake version of SorcererLord to v1.1.
Changes: fix - the main menu should be slightly less laggy now when you click on 1 of the menu options.

Website updated

I've updated the website (the games page) with some information and screenshots on both the original, and my remake version of SorcererLord.

The Retro Remake comp is go!!

Managed to upload a slightly less buggy version of SorcererLord with 25 minutes of the comp still to go!

Still not completely happy with it - the main menu can get very laggy (currently looking at this), and there's a bug where the screen stops updating when the computer is moving the ShadowLord troops (no idea what is causing this :-( ).
Anyway both games, SorcererLord, and Lords of Conquest, are in the compo.

There are 50 games in the competition in total - some of them look really good. Head over to the Retro Remakes website to see all the entries: http://www.retroremakes.com/wordpress/the-retro-remakes-competition-2008-entries/

Website launched!

Finally got around to creating a new website to coincide with the completion of my two games for the retro remakes comp (SorcererLord and Lords of Conquest)